Provincial Council of Women (PCW) & Local Council of Women (LCW)

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This picture of some of the participants at NCWC AGM 2022 was taken at the end of our Sunday plenary session; unfortunately, some of the attendees had already left.

Front row: Beryl Matthewson, VP Health, Vancouver; Barbara Hall, Admin Convenor, Vancouver; Mary Potter, VP Environment, Ontario; President Patricia Leson, SK; Karen Monnon Dempsey, VP Econ. & Employment, Halifax; and Daniela Chivu, VP Justice and Rep. to UN CSW.

Back row: Chitra Khare, President Vancouver LCW; Marianne Wilkinson, AGM parliamentarian, incoming Resolutions Chair, Ottawa; Darcia Moskaluk-Rutkay, President of Ukrainian Women of Canada, an NCWC federate; Brenda Buleziuk, Winnipeg LCW; Edeltraud Neal, President of PCW Ontario; Nyarayi Kapisavanhu, President of the Niagara District LCW; Sheila Pepper, VP Social Dev. and ICW Convenor, Ottawa and Vancouver; Pat Weir, Econ. & Empl. Convenor, Finance Comm. member, SK; Arlene Draffin-Jones, Winnipeg LCW; and Jane Cowell, President PCW Quebec.

Missing from the picture are: Denise Mattok, Hon. Life Member, Ottawa; Virginia Schweitzer, Ottawa, Chair, Constitution Comm; Monica Cullum, Ottawa, Justice Convenor; Penny Rankin, Montreal, Youth and Children Convenor; Carol Schweitzer, Montreal, DO Chair; Giselle Roch, Winnipeg; Karin Gorgerat, President of BPW Canada, a federate of NCWC; and Linda Serpone, Montreal LCW.

Provincial Councils of Women (PCWs)

Rani Gupta, British Columbia

Randi Arnot, Saskatchewan

Daria Jorquera Palmer, Manitoba

Edeltraud Neal, Ontario

Jane Cowell Poitras, Quebec

PCW British Columbia

PCW Saskatchewan

PCW Manitoba

PCW Ontario

Local Councils of Women (LCWs)

Sarah MacDonald, Halifax

Linda Serpone, Montreal

Nyarayi Kapisavanhu, Niagara and District

Marianne Wilkinson, Ottawa

Chrissy Halliday, Prince Albert

Lori Isinger, Saskatoon

Connie Zboch, Toronto

Chitra Khare, Vancouver

Brenda Buleziak, Winnipeg

LCW Vancouver

LCW New Westminster

LCW Prince Albert

LCW Saskatoon

LCW Winnipeg

LCW Ottawa

LCW Niagara and District

LCW Toronto

LCW Montreal

LCW Halifax

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