VP Administration
Barbara Hall

I have been a member for the Council of Women for 20 + years and have served on many executive boards and committees.
I have represented the Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW)
I am a retired VP Project Management for a Janitorial Company.

History of Council involvement:

National Council of Women Canada:
2023 to current                VP Admin
2021 to 2013                     Administration
2019 to 2021                     Treasurer
2017-2019                         VP Admin
2015 -2017                        VP Economics
2014-2015                         VP  Status of Women completing term of Arlene Daffin Jones

Provincial Council of Women BC
2022- to current: Treasurer
2020 to current: Chair Bylaws
2015- 2017: President
2015- 2017: Vice President

Vancouver Council of Women
2020 to current:                     Chair Bylaws
2016- 2020:                             President
2014- 2016:                              Vice President