Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Patricia Leson
VP Social Development – Health & Children & Youth
Beryl Matthewson

Conveners Of Standing Committees

Citizenship, Immigration & Global Affairs
Kerry Gibson
Culture & Heritage
Karen Herzog
Economics & Employment
Pat Weir
Gracia Janes
Arlene Draffin Jones
Justice & Legislation
Monica Cullum
Social & Seniors’ Issues
Dolly Dastoors
Children and Youth
Penny Rankin

Administrative Committee Conveners Listings

Denise Mattok, Archives

Virginia Schweitzer, Constitution

Karen Dempsey, Facebook Editor

Bonnie Siemens, Chair of the Finance Committee

Patricia Weir, Non-Board Member of the Finance Committee

Barbara Hall, AGM Minutes

Carol Schweitzer, Nominations and Elections

Marianne Wilkinson, Resolutions

Patricia Leson, News from National

Ad Hoc Committee Conveners Listings

United Nations - Daniela Chivu, Montreal, QC

Campaign 2000 - Patricia Leson, Prince Albert, SK