NCWC’s 128th Anniversary – 1893-2021

    An organization of women working together since 1893 advocating for the welfare of women, the family and the community, raising funds for important projects and presenting proposals for change, briefs and resolutions to local, provincial and federal governments.

Working together,
  Women make a difference!


NCWC empowers women to work together to improve the quality of life for women, families and society through a forum of member organizations and individuals. We are affiliated with UN Women and ICW.  We raise money through donations for projects through our charitable organizations and provide receipts.
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You may become a member by joining a LOCAL COUNCIL or a PROVINCIAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN in your area.  See a list of LCWs and PCWs

You may also become an INDIVIDUAL,  a YOUTH or a STUDENT member.

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Make Donations to our Charitable Organizations to help fund our projects. 

NCWC Education Fund – work with NCWC through research and public education regarding the environmental, social, mental, physical and health needs of women, families and society.

NCWC Development Organization – support NCWC projects directed to educational and social welfare programs to improve quality of life for women and families. 



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Next Issue:  Oct 1, 2021  Submissions Due:  Sept 15  

Details & Current News from National:  May 2021 News from National   

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Issue:  Women and Mental Health   Mental health illness costs $14 billion/year; 7th highest cost of all diseases; 2nd leading cause for hospitalization. 

Project:  NCWC Common Program

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View photos from NCWC’s Annual General Meeting and Conference of June 2018 and  NCWC’s Annual General Meeting and Conference of June 2017.  To view more photos taken at past NCWC AGMs and other events, click on the blue link below called “PHOTO GALLERY”.  



NCWC Elections 2021 – News

We are pleased to announce the results of the NCWC Elections for 2021, as submitted by Rosemary Mallory, NCWC Elections Convenor.


NCWC Resolutions 2021 – News

To view the Resolutions for 2021 please click on the following link:  NCWC Resolutions 2021

Here are six Emerging Resolutions that are being discussed as to whether or not to include them in this year’s resolutions package.  The membership has been asked to submit their votes by email. 

Resolutions form our policies; they are the backbone of our organization that set our rules of engagement regarding advocacy for mitigating societal injustices. It is essential we allow adequate time for our membership to be diligent in reviewing past resolutions that require updating, and to research background information on current concerns. 

Here are the dates that you need to be aware of:

  • Resolutions and Updates to Resolutions to be received by the resolutions committee: February 22nd
  • Resolutions will be studied by the committee and sent out to the membership March 1st
  • Potential Amendments to resolutions must be received by April 15th as well as Emerging Issues
  • End of April/Beginning of May Zoom meeting or email vote to decide if Emerging Issues are acceptable 
  • May 10th full AGM resolution packages to be sent to the membership to allow adequate time before the AGM

For all resolutions and potential amendments, contact:


Commission on the Status of Women (CSW):  

Call for Nominations for the CSW’s General Assembly, 6-11 September 2021, Avignon, France and the Nominations Form GA 2021.  For more information about CSW, see “About Us/International Perspective/United Nations CSW“.  Contact Daniela Chivu, Convenor, Citizenship, Immigration and Global Affairs, NCWC ( if you have any questions or concerns with the registration process.


COVID-19 – Announcements:

Letter from Senate to PM Trudeau and Deputy PM Freeland:  COVID 19 Pandemic – Minimum Basic Income

UN Statement:  Make the prevention and redress of violence against women a key part of national response plans for COVID-19 

Read the recent statement by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who states, “I urge all governments to make the prevention and redress of violence against women a key part of their national response plans for COVID-19”. 

Canadian Government Paper:  Supporting Canada’s most vulnerable people against COVID-19:  Our Canadian Government recently released a paper of ‘Questions and Answers’ regarding the distribution of funding for women’s shelters – a key component in keeping women safe during these days of isolation and quarantine. 


News about the Polis Project 

         Conserving Water and Energy for Climate Change:

           Towards Watershed Security: The Role of water in modernized land use

              planning in B.C.

Instructions on How to fill and sign a document in Adobe Acrobat

Past Polis Projects:  Go to Charitable Organizations – Click on Education Fund/Canadian Resources & Links and open +Water Resources